Goddess of Fortune

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The Karsak XXI Century and Contemporary Art Parallelo42 gave birth to the first co-production between Kazakhstan and Italy for the production of a film comedy that will bring together the best talents of Italian and Kazakhstan Cinema, to highlight the most valuable and interesting aspects of both countries. For these reasons, the Kazakhstan will directly support the film’s realization, as anticipated in the letter from Kazakhstan’s Minister of Culture and Sport, Mr. Mukhamediuly Arystanbek, who started relations between states.

In the era of global communication, Cinema is undoubtedly one of the most powerful media in terms of communication and influence on the behaviors and consumption of citizens all over the world, disseminated not only through cinemas, but also through TV and web. For this reason, for investors, this film will be a strategic tool to maximize the visibility of his company with Kazakh, Russian and Italian audiences, and after to the global audience because the film will be distributed in theaters and TV channels and webs Worldwide.

The film “Goddess of Fortune” has the transversal goal of bringing Italy and Kazakhstan closer.

Kazakhstan is an emerging country, with a growth rate of 6% in 2015, an average age of 27 years. With about 17 million inhabitants and an extension of 2 724 900 km² it is the 9th largest country in the world, at 226th per inhabitant density and with great potential for growth. Kazakhstan’s invaluable treasury is its mineral resources. Kazakhstan is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of mining resources. 99 discovered items, 70 explored items, 60 are recovered and used in the Kazakh soil of 110 elements of the Mendeleyev periodical table. Among the most important: oil, gas, uranium, zinc, tungsten, barium, silver, lead, chrome, copper, fluorite, molybdenum and gold. Thanks to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev policy of opening implemented by the stable and constructive government, it has attracted foreign direct investment, the Kazakh economy is steadily growing. Over the last decade, GDP has grown 8 times (from USD 17 billion to USD 146.5 billion).

OBJECTIVES In addition to the highest artistic and cultural value, pursued through the involvement of the best Kazakh and Italian professionals, the co-production of this film, aims to promote the great opportunities for cultural and economic exchange between these two realities that show being distant in culture and traditions, but the interesting attractive potential reciprocal toward one other. Some of the greatest goals of the film are:

  • Start an opportunity for cultural exchange and knowledge between Italy and Kazakhstan.
  • Gather the interest the Kazakh film industry, young and growing rapidly, shows against the Italian cinematography.
  • Develop opportunities for the Italian film to penetrate new and profitable markets such as Eurasia “thirsty” of European art and in particular of the made in Italy.
  • Create an artistic product even capable of communicating the economic potential and natural resources of the two countries, as an extraordinary promotional tool to be used also in the worldwide showcases of the film fests.
  • Create an opportunity to attract a flow of joint ventures between business, investment and tourism for both countries.

SYNOPSIS OF FILM The film tell a the same time the live of the three protagonists and their respective partners. Jerad is a falling artist who drags himself reluctantly behind to the cynical Katrina, his agent, who wants to sell his last work between Kazakhstan and Italy. Aynash is a young soprano who dreams of singing at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan while cooking cheerfully with the ambitious boyfriend Nurlan in a shabby service station on the highway between Astana and Almaty. Giuseppe is a creative, generous and bizarre Italian chef who dreams of relaunching his family’s restaurant, and, by chance, comes in Kazakhstan with his brother Federico, an art historian sent by UNESCO to evaluate some archaeological finds and Jerard’s work. In the end, as in the best fairy tales, the two protagonists, Kazakh and Italian, fall in love, winning the cultural differences.

CONTENT OF FILM “Goddess of Fortune”  will be directed by Tokhtar Karsakbayev. The film begins in Kazakhstan, showing cities, nature, habits and traditions, and moves to Italy in excellent locations, touched by the promotion of the statue, which acquires the irony of futile and by consumerism contents of contemporary culture. The stories of the protagonists and their partners intertwine in various landscapes between Italy and Kazakhstan with improbable adventurous and exhilarating scenes caused by jealousy, misunderstanding between different cultures and the opposite intentions of the characters. All the protagonists meet in a crescendo of interweaving, hilarity and sarcasm. At the end it seems clear that the ultimate desire of each one is the professional fulfillment and the satisfaction of one’s own feelings, and the different cultures of origin are only temporary impediments.

The film “Goddess of Fortune” is a contemporary fairytale that, as the first co-production Italy-Kazakhstan, celebrates the everyday globalization by staging what everyone unknowingly expect starting from the new generations, substantially globalized from the web.

The main themes of the film are grade collective interest, such as globalization becomes a daily scenario in which the protagonists live their pursuit of individual happiness between work and feelings, and collective happiness through art and history; based on the awareness that cinema is the most powerful creative expression of mass culture.

Within a dense and exhilarating contemporary history, the film tells of the eternal pursuit of happiness, now expanded worldwide without barriers of language, culture and habits, in its dual balance between the individual and society. The lives of the characters intertwine natural scenery and architecture of great value and through a rich journey of events, culture and traditions, resources and appeal of the two countries.