Ferdinando Scianna Limited Edition

DONNE di Ferdinando Scianna Limited Edition è un oggetto prezioso da collezionare, ideale per un regalo importante. Un prodotto raffinato e prezioso, firmato e numerato dall’autore, unico nel suo genere, studiato nei minimi dettagli. Ideale per un regalo importante, per il tuo miglior cliente o per il tuo miglior amico.


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WOMEN BY FERDINANDO SCIANNA Parallelo42 Limited Edition © 2013 | Edition: 50 copies signed and numbered. Opera: consisting of 3 photographs cm. 32,5×47 each thickness mm.6 printed on 3mm Plexiglas, and coupled on aluminum inclusive of hanging system. The package contains: the Limited Edition  and the “Women” Book

Ferdinando Scianna was born in Bagheria, is one of the best known Italian photographers. Sicilian by origin, Milanese by adoption, photojournalist, his works are present in the most authoritative collections and museums in the world. In 1963 he met Leonardo Sciascia with whom he published numerous books; the first is “Religious festivals in Sicily”, with which he won the Nadar prize in 1966. He moved to Milan where he has been working for the weekly L’Europeo as a photojournalist since 1967, special correspondent, then correspondent from Paris, where he lives for ten years.

In Paris, Scianna writes for Le Monde Diplomatique and La Quinzaine littéraire and above all knows Henri Cartier-Bresson, whose works influenced him from a young age. The great photographer will present him in 1982 as the first Italian in the prestigious Magnum agency, of which he will become a full member in 1989. In 1984 he collaborates with Bresson and André Pieyre de Mandiargues for Henri Cartier-Bresson: portraits (Collins).

At the same time, he befriended and collaborated with various successful writers, including Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (who wrote the introduction of Shapes of Chaos a few years later, 1989). In the eighties he also worked in high fashion and advertising, establishing himself as one of the most requested photographers. It provides an essential contribution to the success of the Dolce and Gabbana campaigns of the second half of the 1980s. In 1995 he returned to address religious issues, publishing the book “Journey to Lourdes” and in 1999 the portraits of the famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges were published. With his fellow citizen Giuseppe Tornatore, on the occasion of his new film Baarìa, he published the photographic book Baaria Bagheria in 2009.

L’incontro con Ferdinando Scianna è nato per la raccolta d’arte Parallelo42_10 Riflessi, dove trovate opere e la preziosa intervista con Ferdinandio Scianna Toni Capuozzo. Nella confezione del multiplo trovate anche la monografia d’autore DONNE di Ferdinando Scianna.

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